Is that any way i can check that mycharcter avalable in box collision area?

If you want to trigger an event when your pawn goes inside a collision try OnComponentBeginOverlap

Remember that you should modify the collision settings on your collision volume here:

Dont copy exactly the settings i showed you, you may want to adjust them exactly for what you need. Also if you want to check in the runtime which objects are inside your trigger box, you may want to check this aswell, but dont forget the settings:

I would suggest then using a timer inside this actor with the collision. By doing that you can control the execution ratio in your actor, you can combine a timer with the “GetOverlappingActors” node before commented. Here you have a detailed video about how to use a timer:

Is that any way i can check that Mycharacter or other static mesh available in box collision area ???

Thank For help…but i want to check each and every second that mycharater or fps character is available in box collision area or not…like event trick event of blueprint…??? which fire each and every second //////

Why would you check it every delta time? Think about a work around! If you do it on tick, the event will execute every 1/yourfps seconds, which means if your fps are constant 60, the event will execute every 0.016 seconds, which is a lot of times and may reduce your efficiency, in your case i would use Begin Overlap and End Overlap. When something enters in your collision volume Will produce a begin overlap and when it exits will produce a end overlap.

What i would do in your case is keep track of the objects inside your collision by just using those two events, which means that if an actor produced a begin overlap but didnt produce a end overlap it is still inside your collision

i can understand what try to say …!!! ,but i want to fire or do some function when mycharacter available in box collision area …??? ,Not that time when mycharacter enter or exit to collision area…!!!