Is Tessellation broken?

Spheres seems to work fine, cylinders so so, but flat planer objects I can’t seem to get the number of iterations past 1X

IIRC there is a cap of 8 for the multiplier. If you need more density then your base mesh needs greater subdivision. The more you start with the more you can add.

does not even do more than 1 X let alone 8

You need subdivide the plane faces or the wall faces in the 3D editor before import.

Ah OK yeah “that” works but switching to feed back mode.

In 3ds Max I can sub-divide a planer mesh to the point that the edge loops looks like paint in wire frame but adding that level of mesh density don’t you think defeats the reason of adding even more tessellation in Unreal 4? That in app sub-division is need more than tessellation?

The practical reason to have this ability is to allow for player optimization as a choice as to the visual quality of the game we are working on to decided if they want a brick wall to look like a brick wall or switch to flat surface materials.

Knowing now that tessellation and sub-division are not the same in UE4 I was able to track down rhyme and reason as to why why in app sub-division is not also a feature seems to be directed that this is not a planned feature option due to related performance problems of not being able to feed data to the video card.


The need to be able to use height maps means having enough geometry segments to deform properly the requirement would have to be added to the mesh prior to importing which kind of makes the argument of being able to do so in app rather moot as to performance issues.

The conclusion sub-division be it in an app like 3ds Max or a feature in UE4 the argument is still the same as to performance issues and costs if the focus is that such feature additions would only be useful in relationship in making a video game using an engine that has a lot more possibilities if restrictions and limitations are removed as to individual ideas.

I think this says it all.

In the mean time might as well sud-divide and ignore tessellation and go the LOD route (shame as it will only add bloat)