Is swarm open source and am i allowed to us it for my own purposes besides unreal engine

Hello I was wondering who made swarm coordinator if its open source and if I’m allowed to modify it and use it for my own purpose

You can modify it for UE4, but you can’t use any UE4 code outside of UE4, it is not open source.

OK so if I want to make a game with the ability to use idle computers power to increase the performance of weaker pc could i do it

If you are making a game with UE4 you can modify the code, if you are making a similar software that does some of the same functions as things with UE4 or the editor then you can’t copy the code to use in your software.

As far as UE4 games go, Swarm is not designed to do any gameplay processing, it’s mostly for network rendering for lighting.

ok thank you but is there anything that does swarm gameplay processing?

Microsoft has some tech that can use their server service to do some things like complex physics processing, but that’s not going to be simple to implement, you’d have to first work with them and they’re not going to work with you unless it’s a major project.

What does “swarm gameplay processing” mean? Swarm is a batch tool, it runs batch processing.
It sounds like you want two computers, in a network, to “share” processing resources, presumably to even out the frame rate? That’s not going to work that way; the timing involved in rendering individual frames is way too tight for any real benefit from other computers.
For a while there were cloud gaming companies like OnLive, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside, largely for reasons like this.