Is static light cost lot of memory?

My scene is a building made by ArchiCAD(a Building Information Modling tool), and I had cut lots of details which can not see in our scene.And I detach the meshs which can be seen outside the building(the inside-wall is not included). Then I set every mesh’s “Overridden Light Map Res” to 512. After building light , It’s all green in the lightmap density. But here is the problem , Here is an notice bar in the right-bottom of my screen, It is said like"dynamic loading maps 200"(my language is Chinese,so I don’t know what it is in English,but it means so), the number of this notice is jumping but never been zero. and I saw my GPU memory is about 1900MB used. Also, the shadow and light of this scene look so bad,but after a long time,It will be better. So I’m confused that how u guys do with an outside architecture? and what lighting setting do u use? Is there any way to deal with those problem I met?

my computer is
intel i7 4790k
32g ram
GTX960 2gb

Now, I’m trying Distance Field Ambient Occlusion,but it’s looks strange,like this

With Distance Field Ambient Occlusion you got the lights in non static (Movable) ?

The static light create textures with ligthmaps and you need load that textures in ram/gpu and the DFAO (Distance Field Ambient Occlusion) is more for dynamic light then you don’t need lightmaps but need more GPU power at runtime.

*Try to use DFAO and then rebuild the map. (With the lights to movable)

I do using DFAO to rebuild this map,but as u can see ,there are so many strange black area here, how can I deal this?

My guess is that you have over lapping UV’s on your lightmap layer. Go look at your UV map 01, and see what is overlapping.

Your scene may be too complicated for lightmaps—if you have a ton of stuff and a large area then it takes a lot of lightmaps

the picture I post is using DFAO which have no lightmap , and the 2nd UV is not over lapping,I’m sure case I use those meshes to build static light

You don’t need the DFAO you can disable that and use a movable directional light and another skylight.

And with lightmaps you only have the memory problem or what ?

*In what engine version you are ?

Yeah,I had unrawped all mesh’s uv,if I see a very small part of my scene it looks very good.Skyligt and directional light makes shandow not so real.I’m thinking that DFAO may be not suit for out door building or there are something wrong with my meshes.
And the version of my engine is 4.8.2 . Also I colse my editor when DFAO is on, It will crush down. I don’t knwo why.T_T

Distance Field Resolution Scale of the meshes are low. You can increase it in static mesh editor > Details Panel > LOD 0 > Build Settings. But even that wont solve your problem if you have complicated and large meshes. You can check and see distance field representation of your meshes in the viewport by enabling Show > Visualize > Mesh DistanceFields.

thx for giving me those advice.I’ll try it next weekday. there are about 800 meshes in my scene. case this is creat by ArchiCAD,May be not suit for UE4.:frowning: