Is Simplygon available?

Guys, does UE4 uses Simplygon (is it integrated) or it is simply not there. If so is there any workaround?

No, there is no simplygon in the UE4 -> create lods:

3d max:

Integration hooks are in engine. You need to buy Simplygon licensee though to use it.

Thanks, much appreciated.

Yeah, as Iniside said the support is there but it will most likely have to be bought separately like some of the other plugins

You could try and use the version that comes with UDK?

I am pretty sure that would not work and also be against the TOS of the UDK…

He means use SimplyGon within UDK then export the mesh from UDK as FBX which actually works perfectly

Tried it, doesn’t seem to work. It (UE4) simply imports the base LOD, and nothing else. Even if you try to import LOD1 from the file exported from UDK UE4 doesn’t pick up the LOD1 but base.

It seems that Simplygon has a free license that allows you to use it commercially if you have “gross revenue of less than 100,000 US dollars”. Pretty cool. According to the current documentation it should work with UE4

All the Simplygon links in the documentation seems to be dead.

They ignored all my mails regarding an evaluation. Do they even exist?

The pricing and licencing depend on the company and project apparently. An ex-colleague of mine applied for evaluation and after, he got pricing from them. He said their pricing was ridiculously high even after explaining that he is of a 3 member indie! Although I dont know the exact figure, I think it would have been more than couple thousand USD

If you want to build an affordable LOD pipeline, I recommend, I believe that the standalone edition is what you want.

It is a standalone app which imports FBX, OBJ, DAE files, simplify your mesh, then exports to FBX, OBJ, DAE files, all animations/rigs and blend shapes will be preserved.


We asked for a price for a console game. It’s 6 figures, don’t bother.

Use Topogun. More manual but a fraction of the price and you’ll probably get better results anyway.

If it’s still around, the Mixamo Decimator is a decent alternative.