Is Sequencer Useful For Real Time In-Game Cinematics? I.e. Uncharted

Hello All,

First time writing a post on these forums! I have looked and looked but have not got a satisfactory answer to my question.

I want to create an in-game cinematic (A couple of animations) and I want the player camera to be the main capture point. It would be nice to also be able to animate the camera through these animations. However, I can’t get a reference to the camera within sequencer, only the player, so the possibility of creating an animation for the player camera seems impossible.


All of the documentation and tutorials I have been consuming seem to portray the sequencer tool for creating scenes with an entirely separate camera.

I hope this has been clear. If I need to specify more just let me know,

Create a CineCameraActor where you have the player camera select it - use green track button add actor it to your sequencer - you can pilot this camera and animate it the way you want then.

@RiglerDigital The problem is I do not think that this Cinematic Camera within sequencer can have a relative position to the player. I.e. goes about its transform path that I have key’d up