is selling game asset good ??

hello (my english is very bad . sorry about this )
i living in iran and i can not sell my game in apple store , android market or steam( for embargo) so i have questions
i am 3d artist and animator and i create 3d model like gun or war tools and …
can i make big model for sell like gun pack ?? for example 10 gun with hand and texture and animate ?? do any body buy it or no ?? how much price for this pack ?? (good model such as COD model )
or car pack and character pack and etc
is this good job ?? please help me to find out this

Here you can find models + prices: :/// Compare the quality of your assets with the ones that you can find there and then choose a price :slight_smile: When the price + the quality of your stuff is good, I think some people will buy it

It would have been useful if you’d showcased a bit of work / included a link to a portfolio. As, the possibility of a purchase ultimately comes down to the quality of the work itself.

However, there’s always a market for this, I think. You could also outsource yourself here on the forums, in the talent pool.

Additionally, as has already been mentioned, there’s always Turbosquid, 3DOcean, Unity’s store and numerous other marketplaces. Hopefully Epic Games will open up their own marketplace soon, which’ll be another avenue.