Is scaling static meshes that bad?

I understand that scaling a mesh inside Unreal would also scale it’s UV’s and thus mess up it’s texture too.
What I wanna know is, is there any other disadvantages that I don’t know of? I’m using basic materials with a color hooked up to the base color and that’s it so I don’t really care about texture scaling or anything.

Scaling meshes is fine, literally everyone does it.

Extreme non-uniform scaling is generally best avoided if you’re using DFAO as it can create artifacts. Might encounter other issues with effects that rely on mesh distance fields, but I haven’t tested.


Scaling collision meshes used in collision testing on dynamic actors can be problematic. Scaling actors that physically simulate themselves can be problematic. Scaling just basic static geometry, however, is totally fine.


That’s all I needed to know, thank you @Arkiras, @jwatte.