Is royalties starts from first few $'s earned?

If I’ll make a game with UE4 and earned from it on market only a few dollars (100-200), will I have to pay royalties from that? Or maybe there is an amount, below of which I have not to pay royalties, and above of it have to finally pay it?

UPD: Oh, I’ve found an similar question: Need some clarification on the 5% royalty - Documentation Feedback - Unreal Engine Forums

And as even Tim Sweeney himself told it has to be paid even if there is a few cents of royalties, question is about are there some news with that situation?

With the release of Unreal Engine version 4.1, we’ve updated the EULA to accommodate this low-revenue situation:

Now, the first $3000 of gross revenue per product per quarter is exempt from royalties. And, if gross revenue is less than $3000 in a given quarter, then you don’t need to file a royalty report.

So, for example, if your game makes $2500 in a quarter, then you don’t have to pay anything or file a report. If your game makes $4000, then the royalty due is $50, which is 5% of ($4000 minus $3000).

Great news. To have such a tool in such conditions is just fantastic.