IS rigging done Before or After Texturing?


I would like to ask on most workflows, is the rigging done before or after texturing?
Was afraid if I did the rigging after it might stretch the textures…

Whereas if i did rigging first I could test if the textures would still work when stretched?

In our process for Lemons Must Die rigging and some animations are done first.

Typically your mesh would already be in your rigging pose before texturing so it doesn’t matter if you rig before texturing or not, it won’t affect texturing.

I see so the face and mesh would be in neutral pose anyway which is why ur saying it wouldnt matter either way!

How come you guys decided to do it this way?
Does it help ,say, if you were in the middle of texturing and moved the rig to see how it affects the textures and thus affecting how decision making while texturing?

I texture before rigging, but you could go either way. I just find it more natural to rig and animate a textured character. And if you’re working on both yourself (and not in a team with different people on either task) it can take you a matter of seconds to edit/fix your textures and re-import them into your rigging program of choice.

Honestly, it could be done either way. And, generally, for tricky meshes, you may actually loop between the two.
“this armpit looks bad when twisting – change the UVs!”
“this texture stretches wrong when twisting – change the twist bone weights!”
Iterate until it’s sufficiently less-bad to ship …

I was always taught not to think of modeling as a linear process, which depending on your project is probably true in most cases. You should decide which workflow works best for you.