Is removing sound from generator/Fabricator doable?

only found one mod that says it does but also adds in cheat like features i don’t want, Just don’t want to go thru learning all the basics if it’s not really doble. Thanks in advance for any answers or help pointing me in right direction 8)

It looks like it’s doable. The Sound Cue is called “PW_gen_machine_fabrication_CUE.” You could either set it to not be repeatable, remove the sound, replace the sound, lower the volume on the wav file or adjust it in the “Volume Multiplier” under the Cue file. I don’t know if you would replace the actual Fabricator in your mod, or use the “Additional Engrams” and create a brand new fabricator called. “Silent Fabricator”. The SoundCue is linked to the /Structures/MachinesWorkbench/FabricatorEmitter.