Is Quixel Suite a reliable and safe software?

Hey guys,

I have herd about a software called ‘Quixel Suite’ that basically works in your ‘Photoshop’ and allows you to make amazing Normal maps, Diffuse maps etc, and to then be able to render your model to see how it looks.
I’m needing to do a better job on my vehicles textures & I was just wondering if this is a good software to do this?

I just want to ask if anyone else uses it and is it safe to download and use?

Link to site:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s perfectly safe so far as I am aware, I’ve owned the suite for a while now. Never had any issues.

Of course it’s safe, why wouldn’t it be? They’re a proper registered company and their products are used by tons of reputable game studios.

I absolutely love using Quixel - and the developer is great with support and easy to reach. Started using Quixel’s tools back in June and I have a strong preference to it over Allegorithmic’s offerings (esp since it’s integrated with photoshop, and then going back to their support for the product).

I have Allegorithmic’s and being a non artist I can say I love the tools, however quixel seems easier to get fast results.

  1. Do I need a photoshop license right ? I mean, is quixel just a plugin for photoshop?

Yep, definitely need Photoshop.

Alright thanks guys!

Just one more question.
When I downloaded it, its installer came in a compressed zip file how come? And when I double clicked the installer it asks to extract all or run, so I clicked extract all and then It asks for a location, so put it on my operating system. When I did that it didn’t really do anything. It copied it to my operating system from what I saw. Anyone know how this works?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s their installer guide. Quixel | 3D world-building made easy

Definitely safe. I rather use Substance Painter or Substance Designer/B2M. It is a waste of money to pay for Photoshop especially when you don’t use them.

I have an i7 32gb and Quixel crashes a lot.

Yeah this is important to know. While Quixel has great tools they do have lots of problems and can be very wonky.
They have improved a lot but they run pretty slowly depsite having 64GB ram and a recent 6 core intel cpu.
I’d say Substance Painter/designer and B2M works better (and doesn’t require any other softwares) and I prefer them but both are great texturing suites.

Alright, I think I should not download it for a month or two so that way, they can get the crashing bugs fix.
I really appreciate your guys help, thanks guys :slight_smile:

Don’t get your hopes up. It have been a bit wonky and crashy for years.

I can’t say I’ve ever had it crash on me. I’ve got an i7 and 16gb. Are you using 8192 maps or something?