Is possible to "steal" an animation from a blendspace?

Hello, I wanted to know if I could take an in-between animation between two animations I already set on a blend space and export that as a separate animation to use in other places. Thanks in advance.

So if I am understanding correctly you have a blendspace made of multiple animations and you want to want to export some animation that results from the blendspace? If that is right, happily for you it should be no problem. Just open up the blendspace and configure it to make the blended result you want and use the playback toolbar recording button.

[From the docs][1],

You can also use the Record option to create a new animation object based on your currently selected animation. This will prompt you to define a name and save location for the new asset and will begin recording from the current asset. To stop recording, click the Record button again and the new animation asset will be created.

The record button is the red circle in the playback toolbar. See below:

Thanks, that’s just what I needed I didn’t know you could use the record button in that window.

Thanks, just what I needed.