Is possible import the UE4 mannequin into blender for create a perfectly scaled object for it?

My target is make some item to joint to the UE4 mannequin (like armor, weapon, and much more) but I would like make a perfect scaled and well fit item for the mannequin, and for made this i need to import the mannequin in blender.

so the answare to the question into the title is… I can or I can’t?
If I can how to do this?

Just create a project that contains the character asset (like the 3rd person template project), then export the mannequin skeletal mesh asset as fbx (right-click in the content browser, then asset action > Export).
You just need to select then the correct scale on import in blender.
I did the same to import the mannequin in Max and Modo (for scaling door widths and room heights). It worked perfect in both cases.

Thanks KVogler, this help me a lot.
just 1 more thing, I know is totally off topic in this thread but is possible create a pre pulled zone with into it various mesh like tree grass flover etcetera in it?
I ask this because I would like to create a pre pulled zone with a certain object in it for a fast drag and drop into editor insted to put 1 by 1 every time.