Is physx nvidia only?

I know there are a few NVidia integrated things in udk like PhysX.Do they require only a NVidia gpu to work properly or are they cpu emulated(on intel and amd)?

As far as i’m aware it will run fine even without a gpu. It’s just that the physX engine was developed by Nvidia.

it runs in software on non nvidia systems

Do you have any idea Gaz if we are talking about the same framerate?(NVidia vs no NVidia system)

Glad to see you are still here :smiley: as I havent noticed much activity from you lately.

I actually found no difference between a good ati card and a comparable NVidia one.go figure.

still here,but only by skin of my teeth.i suffered a thoracic aortal anyrysim six weeks ago.good news is though,a film crew filmed the entire 9 hours surgery and will be part of a documentary next gore galore.

Take care, gaz. Health first, UDK second (that’s what I tell myself).

What about the crashes when using “usecompartment” with Ati cards? I remember Chosker said someting about it.

will do cobalt.
I have to admit I never did any extensive tests,just remember I was a bit disappointed when I swapped the ati card that came with the rig for the top of the line(at that time)NVidia one.