Is photoshop becoming obsolete for game development?

With modern computer graphics being so complex and with the advent of new software like substance painter/designer, Mari and other such programs, is there even really a point anymore in using something like photoshop for texture creation and/or painting? I know it’s still widely used, but how much if this is simply tradition vs need? Will photoshop be mostly redundant in the future as software like substance and Mari become ever more used?

to be honest when i got my indie license for Substance Painter i barely even touched photoshop anymore.
but i find it still pretty useful for designing UI elements and some other things , until i find a better / faster solution.

Me too. And often use it for different pocedural mat creation, also for resizing and finishing up some things. I think Photoshop has its one’s authority for years of its versatility.

There’s still an insane amount of things you can do in Photoshop, but for painting textures? It’s pretty much been replaced by Substance Painter and ZBrush because they allow you to paint right on the 3d model. You’ll mostly use it for things like padding borders and color correction.

These days, I use Photoshop mostly for photos and basic graphic design. Everything else is Substance Painter or Designer.

For anyone learning game art, I’d never suggest learning how to use Photoshop for texturing, it’s a waste of time and Photoshop was never designed for it. Photoshop isn’t bad for $10 a month for the basic license with Lightroom, but Substance is definitely worth the $20 a month, rent to own, indie license.

All depends on what you want to do. I don’t think I could live without it since all of my work is 2D these days and it is hands down the most powerful tool for what I do. If you work with stuff that is 3D though then you really waste cash by using photoshop when there are other light weight powerful options out there.

I remember good old times of tutorials between 2003-2009 in there mostly explained how to make the textures in Photoshop. LOL
Its so good that we have automatic tools yet for that.

I think all the things are depending on what exactly you want because if you are painting structures then Photoshop will be suitable and if you are making some 3D animation model then you can find alternatives for best results

Definitely not! Some of the best texture artists in the business use Quixel DDO plugin and wouldn’t consider swapping to Substance Painter.
I personally use Substance Painter but use Photoshop all the time to make texture masks and UI elements…

Photoshop is a good program, I’m yet to find a better replacement tbh…

As someone mentioned above, I use it for UI design. or promo work As far as game design, in a way with Quixel since it’s dependent on it, but I might move to Substance in the future.