Is Perforce slow when running server locally?

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I’ve started using perforce for my Unreal projects, and have been using the cloud provider Assembla. I noticed that as soon as source control is integrated in unreal, little things like creating assets, renaming files, moving files, or hitting save have this annoying 4-5 second delay with an “Updating source control status” thing that pops up. Sometimes it can be 15-20 seconds too.

I’m wondering if that’s because it has to do the roundtrip to Assembla’s servers each time. Have any of you who run a perforce server locally experience these little source control popup delays? It’s not that big of an issue, but it does make certain things noticeably sluggish.

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Speed depends on performance of the sever, where perforce is running and network conditions, but typically slight delay is not uncommon even when the server is running locally.

Yeah there are a lot of variables at play here, I’m just wondering if some people have set it up such that those dialogues don’t come on for more than a second. As in, perforce has some inherent slowness to it.

I also have same problem!

I’m dealing with the same issues. Duplicating assets, renaming them, moving them… simple tasks have become unbearable. I can work in some aspects without using source control, and then connect after, but it would be nice if these simple tasks weren’t made sluggish by source control/perforce. Don’t have any control over the server speed.

I have the same issue with the perforce in UE, it’s super super slow…
Doing the same perforce action through python, command line or P4V do not have any of that slowness.
And perforce in Visual Studio also work fine so it feels that the issue is less on the server and more on how Unreal Engine perforce work.

exclude saved folder from the perforce depot, improved performance drastically