is perforce any good

I just set up a perforce on my server.
I have worked with Tortoise for a few years
I read somewhere Perforce is the “industry standard”

It seems awfully slow.
I understand uploads being slow but my downloads are just as bad.

My p4v client crashed twice so far today on windows.

If I recall correctly, my experience using it a few years ago with epic UE3 engine wasn’t so good either.

I am tempted to just ditch this and go back to tortoise. I just don’t
like that I can’t use tortoise on a mac. And I program with both a PC and Mac.

I can’t even remember where I read it was the standard.
So far I don’t like it much
Anyway, is this thing really worth sticking it out with?

It’s very widely used in the games industry.

No problems with stability for me, or speed. I’d suggest the problems are with your connectivity.

thanks. do you know HOw do you delete things without leaving stuff laying around on other connected nodes and without needing to execute the Clean command on the server?

Worth mentioning that git-lfs is also worth taking a look at - supported but github too.