Is packaging with Pak Files is dumb?

I have seen people extracting assets from Pak files. Is that suicidal to ship with Pak files? I don’t want my assets to be flipped. This should be announced and people should be warbew about dangers of Pak files

There is no real way to truly protect your assets. A PAK file is basically just a glorified zip file/container. If you don’t use them, then the files just sit there in folders, which would be even easier to get to…

You can encrypt the PAK files with a key, but obviously, the key will reside elsewhere like inside of the game’s *.exe file. Within seconds, people can usually find it. You can try to obfuscate it, but then people will just use other methods of finding it because if the files need an encryption key, at some point that key will be loaded into the memory and then it’s vulnerable to being found. You could even use some kind of online DRM, but again, at some point that key will be in the memory.

Your best bet is to just keep an eye out for them and take actions accordingly.

I have seen people extracting assets from every single game out there. So, there you go. What format do you suggest then?

Don’t publish on any PC platform if you don’t want people extracting files from your project.

I know this is an old thread, but I don´t want to start a new one just for this question. Are my Blueprints safe if I have an Asset Demo with blueprints and nativize them? and sounds aren´t safe in the pak file right?

Every model from Fortnite can be found on the internet, some student is even trying to recreate, in Unreal, Fortnite gameplay mechanics using extracted Fortnite characters…
I guess that answers your question.

■■■■, thank you! I guess no demo for my asset then. btw you do amazing work with your assets