Is Overlapping Actor Node

Could someone please explain why this is failing to determine whether or not the two actors are overlapping? The box reference is a reference to a trigger box, and the other is an AI in the game. It is always returning a value of false, even one the AI is within the trigger box. Both have overlap events activated.
Any help is appreciated!

Does the Collision Profile allow Trigger Overlaps or is it set to just Ignore?

This is not failing. It’s what’s coming into the macro. Show us what is connected to the “object” and how you get your Box reference(How does this trigger know who the box is?). Also what DevilsD said. Make sure overlap events are enabled.

This is how its set up outside of the macro. And yeah overlap events are enabled for both.

Firstly - Is overlapping actor ? (Target = Which trigger is it overlapping?; Other: Who is overlapping it?).
Secondly - You are getting a random trigger box to check if there are any overlappings. IF the randomly chosen box isn’t overlapping anything it will return false anyways.

If there’s no overlap then I do want it to return false, which then makes the AI move to that location. If it returns true then it calls the repeat custom event and in theory should repeat the process until it finds a trigger box that isn’t overlapping and thus returns false. I’ve made the changes to the Target and Other, but it’s still not working.

I can only recommend that you use print node after cast failed. Test it in a more controlled environment without the random effect. The fastest way to debug something is to take it step by step and use lots of print nodes to see where it fails and if it returns the desired effect.

Oh and btw. Your repeat event isn’t getting the cast to Patient…