Is OSC / TUIO supported in UE4?

Hi. I’m doing a project with an interactive table, that uses reacTIVision, and would like to use this in combination with UE4 instead of using Unity. Is this possible at the moment, and if yes, how?

No and Yes. No by default engine code, Yes if you implement support for reacTIVision to the engine via C++. Best to do that is by making plugin as then you can easily redistribute support for that to others:)

If you what more help with this i think best would be ask people working on Kinect support for UE4 since those technologies are kind of similar

Still no official support of OSC.
If you are still looking for it, I released my OSC plugin here:

It receives and sends OSC messages in Blueprints. It manages float, integer, bool and string parameters.
Right now, you must compile it yourself though…

You can pass OSC values from Lightact to Unreal.

Disclaimer: I’m the owner of Lightact.