Is Nvidia Flex still able to be used in UE 4.26 and if it is how can I get it integrated with UE?

I have linked my accounts, downloaded all of the requirements, but have no idea how to fully integrate Nvidia Flex into Unreal, any help would be amazing. Please help me out.

Id quite like to know this as well. there’s no mention of flex in the current 4.26 docs i can see so far. or does anyone have any recommendations for a fluid sim for ue4.26?

The last version which supports Flex was UE4 4.21. And that is an unofficial branch by community member 0lento. If you want fluid sim in 4.26 you’ll have to use simulation stages and learn how to implement a algorithm for the fluid part. Epics Asher Zhu made a video where he gives an introduction The Art of Illusion - Niagara Simul