Is my project good enought to spend money on it?


There’s two months I’m learning Blueprints seriously and I’m now at the point I’d like to go further, why not releasing a game?

The thing is that I’m absolutly not an artist, I’m gonna need animations and assets.

I now there’s free stuff on the internet but I guess it’s not allowed to use them on a sellable game.
I now nothing about marketing too.

I’m here to mostly heard what’s wrong with my project and know if the mechanics are good enought.

You’ll guess what kind of game while watching the vidéo. I’m willing to do and that’s one more reason I ask, too many indie games of this genre are crap.


There’s not much there so there’s no way to say if you have a game idea there or not

Ok. I want to do a kind of horror game but a good one. Outlast and amnesia are my orientations but i don t want to copy them.

But your answer is right, i need to implement more mechanics and improve it the thing is i don t know how to do anims and i can t find free ones for what i want.

Although I’ve not had a look at the video, but I think if you’ve got something original, hopefully innovative, that’s fine for a saleable game!

BTW: There is stuff that’s free that you can redistribute as a commercial game as long as you credit accordingly, but obviously depends on the source material you’re using!

Well I can t find door opening, ladder climbing, unarmed prone free animation.

Anyway i ll start to design some level with box brushes to see if the mechanics I have are enough.

i don t know how to do more. I m learning how to use the sequencer to ease the in/out move to

Charly, just work on your own skills. There’s no need to rush things. Get some experience and enjoy the process of learning. Maybe see if you can join a team working on a modifcation for an existing game.

What do you mean? A modding team?

Yes. I m just kepping increasing the gameplay mechanics but without anims that s a bit disappoing.

Anyway i guess developping a game alone is not a two month work so I ll ne patient