Is my performance reduced if i still dont use the functions?

Hey, i want to know how the blueprint works. I have an actor with many functions in there… many functions/events wont be used often. Is there any performance reduced by having big blueprint script in game or not. I have to choose between 2 options:
1st- using 1 blueprint with many functions
2nd- using more blueprints with not so many functions in there.

If u want i can give more pictures and details of my plan

No, only nodes that get called take the CPU time. Blueprint scripts takes memory but it should not be as noticeable as graphical assets

thank you, thats exactly what i want. im really interested how much influence of the performance does the scripts have on the game. my game is similar like other topdown-offline-survival games and am thinking often about the cpu performance, much more than the graphic laggs, cuz i dont have high quality as an indie dev.