Is my laptop good enough for simple 3D or at least 2D?

I have Dell Inspirion 3542 with:
Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2957U @ 1.40GHz (2 cores),
4 Gb RAM,
Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller.
Windows 10.

I tryed to play with Advanced Vehicle Template, it worked smoothly, without freezing/glitches.
My system consumes 2+ Gb of RAM when trying templates.
So I think I can use UE4 for simple 3D or for heavy 2D games (without having possible troubles in the future), right ?

Not really, if you can run it at all then it will run very poorly, it’s using a very slow processor with an integrated GPU and you only have 4GB of RAM

What means “if you can run it at all then it will run very poorly” ? - not quiet understand meaning of this phrase. (I played with the vehicle on a track - it was fine)

Most likely the engine changed the scalability settings to low-meaning if you do much more with it then it won’t be able to handle it. Also, the limited amount of RAM means you’re going to have trouble running UE4 along with other programs, and if you try to use baked lighting then you will be very limited since baking lighting can use a lot of RAM.

It’s not suitable even for 2D games ?


My game in its current state consumes >13gb of ram by just having the editor open. I had to upgrade my system to 32gb of ram just to be able to compile it.

So the short answer is… no.


How much editor consumes with Spartan Cyclops ? (just curious)

What i mean is that when you open up the editor the system loads into memory all the Blueprints,Materials,Textures .etc
I do not know if it is bad optimization from their part or its just the way it is but my project needs at least 13gb of ram just to open. Imagine what happens when i try to debug,open bp tabs or press play for a standalone window.

Unless you want to create flappy birds then no, your laptop is not remotely powerful enough to even edit things. Sorry to tell you this but it is the truth. It would be better for you to start saving up some money to buy a decent desktop. Until then you can always experiment with the engine and learn how things work with the laptop you have now.


I meant how much of RAM are in usage while you working on Spartan Cyclops.

I was convinced at the expense of UberCold free project that my laptop is too weak (when enemies start shooting at me, it became slow). But how about 2D ?
Will appreciate if someone will try one of his 2D projects on some cheap laptop (like Dell inspirion 3542 or lenovo G585) (using 4 or more Gb RAM).

Nope, that laptop is only fit for the casual man