Is my laptop enough for unreal engine 5 ?

Hello, everyone so my laptop is an acer Nitro 5 an 515-54 with these specifications:
Processor: i5 9300h
Memory: 8gb ddr4
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650
Storage: 1TB hard disk 7200rpm
And I want to know that whether with these specs will I be able to properly run unreal engine 5 or not. And also, I want to make high end games (like the cyber punk 2077, ghost of tshumina) so will I be able to make these kind of high end games with my laptop or I should start saving money for a desktop ?


Start saving but don’t stop making! You can get far with that you have. You will have to be super-patient doing anything graphical with 8gb of ram. If I were you I keep my projects to bare-minimum graphics and focus on building out the gameplay elements. I just upgraded from a similar setup and I learned a lot not having to mess with graphics but eventually you will need to upgrade to have a smoother workflow!

Also, your laptop is going to get really hot and loud, just warning you!

8 GB of RAM will be the worst part; the fact that it’s a spinny disk rather than a SSD/NVME will be the second biggest problem.

You may be able to start the editor, and build some very small levels, if you turn off every other program, but 8 GB really won’t get you very far.

Then, if you try to throw modern assets at it – trying to calculate some nanite meshes, for example – that probably won’t really work well at all.

I’d be shocked it if works as I’m having issues with my desktop and the Unreal Editor flat crashing the machine altogether by way of, best I can tell, over stressing the power supply. Frankly, not quite sure. Posted elsewhere with questions about best route to take but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

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Bro simple answer yes no rtx

Huh? Most cards dont have RT. Its a very rarely used, niche feature for ultra high end graphics, not a requirement. RTX cards arent a requirement to run unreal either, everything back to GTX 700 runs dx12 just fine. And thats completely ignoring amd’s cards.