Is my gpu too weak ?

Hi guys so in general my gpu is fine for most things in unreal but the problems arise whenever i try to add grass in the form of foliage.The engine does not crash but i cannot seem to fill even small areas with grass either modelled or using the billboard technique .My fps often drops below 30 fps and i try to keep all of my scenes above 60 minimum .
MY specs are quite good but my gpu is probably my weak point my specs are

gtx 760 2gb
i5 6500 (stock)
16gb ddr4
128gb ssd
2x1tb 7200 rpm hdd
600 watt psu

I hope that i simply am not creating efficient foliage as this can be addressed .I simply cannot afford a new gpu guys does anybody have any foliage they know are efficiant enough to have many thousands of instances .That i can experiment with .I would not of course use these in game i simply need to know that the problem is my asset creation not my rig.Thanks guys