is my computer not good enough?


I have an i3 1156 socket cpu, 6gb ram
no graphic card yet,
and intel mother board.
running window 10

but I cant open or use ue4 at all it lags to much and even most games lag to much .
infact the only game I managed to play on max was stronghold games lol.

is this because of my CPU ? and lack of a graphic card?
is the OS an issue at all?

not sure if this should be in support as it is technically not a ue4 issue in general.

Yes, its your missing Graphics Card. Ue4 is mostly a high-end engine so it expects you to have a decent graphics card :wink: And your CPU as well as your RAM should also be better.

Bruh i don;t think that i3 is gonna cut it. Your gonna want a quad core for smooth sailing.