Is my computer not good enough?

I got a laptop and and just downloaded unreal engine. when I open the unreal engine 4. it stuck at 45% loading screen.
and when I open task manager. it show 100% cpu usage. and it show 3 unreal engine client and 3 shadinger thing (I’m forget)
but the memory and disk usage not even reach 50%.

My laptop is
DELL 7566  i5 6300 HQ
VGA gtx 960m
Ram 8gb
hardisk 1 T

I know my laptop is not best for unreal engine 4.
But hope someone kindly enough to tell me if the problem is on my computer spec or some error make the unreal engine not working.

It’s not your spec, the laptop is powerful enough for light and moderate use. Although, at times, things will get slower than you’d like.

  • how long was it stuck at the loading screen?
  • can you ensure that the laptop is using your GeForce (right?) rather than the CPU’s HD Graphics 530 (this used to be an issue at some point with UE4 but may still persist) - explore the nVidia control centre
  • make sure you’re running the most recent video drivers, too
  • we’re talking windows 10 here, right?

Someone already tell me the sotution.
I just have to keep waiting for the shareding thing (what it called?)
I just have leave my laptop for I don’t know how long and it worked.
But thanks for reminding me about nVidia control.

I think you mean shader compilation. That’s why I asked how long it made you wait. Glad to hear you have it working.