Is my business plan realistic?

sanford, you and how many people developed this?

how long did this take? what kind of profits you are looking at? I assume you were already an experienced programmer?

Actively developed: just me.
Helped with the design and story: 2 others
I started developing this game on May 14th for the gamejam and I except I’ll have a finished project by the middle of July
I’ve been programming for a couple years but this was done entirely with blueprints
Profits: I honestly have no idea. I’m debating whether to release it for free or with a $2.99 pricetag

I also want to point out that the main aspect/feature of this game is the Drone’s ability to reveal things with its sensor. I think it’s a unique way of telling a story. In fact 99% of the environment is modified and unmodified assets from the marketplace.

I see. Sooo then its true after all then?

1 man can actually make a game with UE4? thats really good for just 1 man

how much u spent on the marketplace?

Yes, It’s very much true. In fact the most recent blog on the main page is about Dungeon & Burglar. A game made by 1 artist in 1 month. Homesick is another game that was released this month made by one artist but I think it took him a lot longer and he did it with UDK. I’ve worked professionally with teams in Unity and (not to bash Unity it’s great at what it does) Unreal Engine 4 is by far an easier engine to develop with. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from the marketplace until you know you need it. Especially if you’re just getting started. Epic has a load of the highest quality assets anywhere and the are available for free.

Thanks dude. I gonna try building a game with this Engine. You gave me hope

Wonder if I could make $100 US a month… hmm would be good for me.

Greenlit… I can’t believe this is really going to happen.


I think it is pretty sound. Videos are certainly important for any business. In fact, I recommend checking out this article about creating videos for your startup:

Good luck!