Is my blueprint getting too complex? WallDodging Implementation

So… trying to bash out the general movement functionality to give a foundation to work with, and while functionally it works I’m wondering if I’m on the right path in how I’m doing things or if I am already making mistakes.

I suppose it exposes my ignorance of Unreal Engine 4 when I don’t know how to properly show it in game either. But it does work, I can double jump, wall dodge, wall dodge with a jump after… For anyone used to Unreal Tournament 2004 movements, effectively that.

To get the walldodge I have it drawing a trace to the wall in order to determine the distance from the wall. A double tap delay allowing for how much time in between repeated key strokes before it will let you actually dodge.

The wall dodge essentially builds off the original dodge function but only fires so long as they’re near a wall, the trace corresponds to the correct key presses away from the wall, and will cease to function again until OnLand is triggered to reset the functions.

I can’t think of a more concise way of doing this thus far, but my mind starting to look at all the wires and wonder “what have I done?”

Does the rabbit hole get worse, or am I missing something to make it more efficient?

Image only has left and right dodging, the other half is the front and back but image size was getting large enough as is and the operations effectively the same anyways.