Is my blueprint corrupted?

My character blueprint has been working fine for weeks. When I opened it today, I can no longer move my character at all and when I select either the CharacterMovement or the Root Capsule Component, they no longer show anything in the details panels. It’s just blank. I haven’t made edits to them or anything.

Is this kind of thing common and is it avoidable? Should I just be constantly backing up?

I did have a back up, so what I did was back up my corrupted version and restored the backup. I get this error when saving, not sure if it’s a clue or anything.

Can’t Save
…/…/…/Projects/MyGame/Content/CORRUPTED/MyChar_CORRUPT.uasset: Graph is linked to external private object (unknown culprint)(unknown property ref)

Ok so apparently I have a real problem. My backup was a lot older than my corrupted file and it took me a long time to bring it back up to the current state. All was working perfectly fine on it.

After closing and restarting the editor, that blueprint is now in the same condition. No movement component and it totally doesn’t work anymore. I can mouse around and do all my inputs but the character won’t move.

So I realized that the mesh component was also not showing the details but the skeletal mesh itself was still in game and seemingly fine. I just closed and reopened the editor again and now the character mesh is gone in both the components window and in-game. I’m starting to get a little afraid of reopening the editor at all now.

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Is this similar to what you are seeing?

Yes, it does seem to be quite similar to those folks. One thing to note is that I appear to be fine with my backup blueprint. I can edit it if I avoid any of the calls I had made over to either the HUD or the AI classes. At least I “think” that might be the situation.

Also to note, any time I open this blueprint and compile it, then “choose files to save” it’s asking me to save all of the ai and hud blueprints, even though they weren’t altered. This is what’s leading me to believe it’s a mishap between the communication.

Tomorrow I’m going to start piecing the new code back into the blueprint one element at a time in hopes to track down exactly what is happening. I have a few ideas about things that may be going wrong but I have to test.

I am on 4.4 and not tried to port to 4.5 yet. Was hoping to wait until 4.6 for that.

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If you have access to the 4.6 preview it may be a good idea to try on there and see if it is still occurring. Or, if you feel comfortable with it and want to upload your project to an FTP server and PM me the link on the forums I would be happy to take a look at it and see if this occurs in later builds.

I don’t have any issues with uploading the project but over the weekend I attempted to migrate to both 4.5 and 4.6 and this particular blueprint simply crashes the editor when you try to open it in either of those versions. I’m assuming you will see the same results. It still opens ok in my 4.4 project.

If you want to inspect the project to track down the cause I can still put it up, but we’ve just moved past the problem for now to stay on track.

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If you have time to spare and can upload the 4.4 project I would be happy to take a look.I do not want to interrupt your workflow, however if we can get to the root of the crash we may be able to fix it so that you and other users who may be experiencing the same error can upgrade to another engine version.

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We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment back with the requested information.