Is my art really worth the price.

Hey everyone,

Just a general question. When you work a freelance job or unpaid job, do you ever get nervous and down about your own work? Lately I’v been tasked with a small Arch Viz project in unreal engine. I told them it would take a week, and it did. 400$. The thing is, tonight I’m going to show them the renders and the level. I’m super nervous! I always question if my work is really worth the price. What if they don’t like it? What if they think its bad? Should I have asked for less? etc. All these things are really making me anxious.

If you are a competent artist, you’re more likely under charging. If you did 40 hours of work, that’s $10 an hour. And freelance artist are generally paid much higher than in-studio artists because there’s extra costs to being freelance.

400 for a week is a steal. I echo what ZacD, if you are decent at what you do, you are undercharging by a ton. 400 a day is considered a good price in the part of the country I am in.

Edit: just want to say that especially when you are just starting out, yes, it is easy to have doubts about your worth. Rarely will anyone be as critical of your work as you yourself are. It’s something that gets better with time and experience.

400 perweek is like too less for freelane artist, including all the hardware software billing fees, you might end up working for free if including those bill

400 a week is good if you’re first starting off in art and aren’t that good at it yet honestly.

Personally i’ve been doing art for quite a while. I’m not great or anything at it but i’d charge around $1,500 for a whole weeks worth of work. 8 hours a day in the art field is pretty killer.

Best of luck though

Thanks for the responses, The meeting went fantastic and they loved it! In the case of hours worked on the project it took around 15 hours. I should of clarified, I was giving a week to work on it. I’m not a full time freelance artist, i’m actually a full time Architectural/Civil Drafter by day.

i used to pay 700$ per week for our level designer.