Is Metahuman incompatible with 5.1?

Hello, all!

I have a few questions to ask, because the documentation on MetaHumans is really quite annoying to track down.

  1. Is MetaHumans working in 5.1? Because I can get the head model to use my animation blueprint successfully in the editor (upon compile) but once I try to go into live mode, nothing happens. The only way I can animate my MetaHuman is through rig poses in sequencer.

  2. If there isn’t actually a problem, then could someone point me to a COMPREHENSIVE tutorial of MetaHuman animation that doesn’t require retargeting. I’ll learn the retarget, but my traditional knowledge of animation blueprints seems to not be working for these characters (again, unless of course, there’s actually an issue with MetaHumans in Unreal 5.1).

  3. For my other characters, I would use an additive constructor script (SetLeaderPose), and then apply different blueprints for the head and body. Does this not apply for MetaHumans or… again, this is a 5.1 issue?

  4. Lastly, is there a way to make MetaHumans less expensive? Just one of them can send my project into immediate pool-overflow. I want to do facial animations with speech, but the only rigged head-skeletons I have are Epic’s.

Sorry for all these questions. And please know I never ask without doing extensive research first. These I can’t find a clear answer to.

I’m going to go ahead and bump this.