Is making an Actor Component for each 'perk' wise?

I’m trying to make a game with a range of unique perks. Right now, i’m thinking to attach an Actor Component to my character whenever a new perk is given. So, if the player gets 20 perks, the pawn would be walking around with 20 Components attached to it. It also means if there are 100 perks in my game, i would have to make 100 different Actor Component Blueprints. Is this a wise thing to do? How is this perk system normally done in Blueprints?

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It depends what the perk is. If it’s just being able to run faster, jump further etc, then it can just be a variable. You only need to use components, if you’re adding functionality to the character.


Thx for such a short and clear answer. I’ll keep that in mind!