Is making AI follow AI similar to Ai moving to a player?

For ai to follow another ai, is it the same as when telling the ai to move to the player? Also, how can I make the AI stand a considerable amount of distance from the ai its following?

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oh, you again, since i have some free time, i think i answer this also

In MoveTo task you already have that, Acceptable Radius how far you from the Blackboard Key, that key you can set ally AI pawn or his location. Make some state enum with something like Idle, Follow Ally, Defend… Make one entry State of that enum in Blackboard, then you can switch between them, make a selector with the Decorator is Blackboard and check state there, now you can make you action in that selector according to AI state.


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I used a compare integer with the distance from the actor and if it is less than or equal to do nothing, only move to when it’s greater than.