Is making a "mod" game from an already existing one like Dishonored 1, is it allowed?

As the title said, I want to assemble the Dishonored community to make a game based on Dishonored 1, the problem is that before doing anything I prefer to know if it’s allowed or not to use another game contents. (The game would be free and published on Steam.)


You want to use assets from existing games to make your own? Free or not - the answer would be no.

If you were to gain the correct permissions from the original content creators and game publishers etc etc then you may have a chance. But to re-use and re-distribute content that doesn’t belong to you without any type of agreement in place (Written and signed) would generally be a breach of copyright. Even content bought from the Unreal Marketplace comes with a strict set of usage conditions. Must be used in the Unreal Engine - Cannot be on-sold by you unless in a game - for example.

Any time you have queries over usage of game assets - you should go back to the custodians of those assets. Publishers - software studios - etc etc.

Do you have any ideas on how to contact the one responsible of those kind of demands?

There’s an expression in business which goes something like: If you have to ask, you can’t afford the answer:stuck_out_tongue: Seriously drop this… Ideas aren’t copyrightable. So you can create original IP that is heavily inspired by Dishonored but just isn’t Dishonored.

Then you have an original game. Plus there’s plenty of free assets to help with this that are similar to that style, without infringing copyright. Its just not worth the hassle. Plus the game is so old now, copying the assets makes no sense. I don’t get why people want to just reboot things anyway. Take inspiration / borrow but create something new. :wink:

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I could try to make my own games based on my stories yes, but if I decided to go with Dishonored is because if I have to invite people to make the ideas I have for a fan game they already know what to do and for the rest I can complete it.

Im not a game develloper, else I would already be making my own game, but I don’t have patience and skills to understand the work needed.

The community of Dishonored really wants a new Dishonored game, this means I can easily find people to make the game for me. (I also want a new Dishonored game.)

Maybe / maybe not. There is myth to bust here. Most royalty / unpaid projects on here go nowhere. Expecting people to just work on something for free that has any real quality for a considerable length of time is seriously difficult…

Game engines offer incredible potential, but that still leaves hard work to get to the finish line. Put it this way, you’ll have to do an amazing job as a Dishonored evangelist to inspire people to get further than say just a prototype. :wink:

Yeah, no.

The thread should have ended up there…

Yeah you’re probably right, the only thing doable with the gaming industry is playing for me.

Thanks for answering.

You can build a “total conversion” mod.
The user would have to first purchase/install the first game (Dishonored) and then download/install your own mod on top of that.
What’s important here is that you would not copy/distribute any of the assets that came with the original game – each user has to purchase/install those separately.
using assets that already exist on the hard disk is not copyright infringement. (Although there may be some interpretations around moral rights and re-contextualization – probably don’t try to make Dishonored furry dating sims or somesuch…)

Like Halo Custom Edition, it was a part of my idea but how to do to make the “mod” a DLC?

You can’t make it an in-game DLC without support from the game itself.

However, you can build all the necessary additional code/files, and put them in an installer, and point the installer at the install directory for the original game.

You then host it on your own website for download – I don’t think Steam supports games that require the purchase of other games first, to work. (Could be wrong, though.)

It doesn’t seems really complicated, except for the install directory, I don’t know how to point it.

“As the title said, I want to assemble the Dishonored community to make a game based on Dishonored 1” Its gonna be tough but its not innately impossible. “if it’s allowed or not to use another game contents.” Never ever.

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The short answer: No.

The long answer: No, but maybe yes, it you can get the appropriate permission from the correct people, then you can, but unless you have express permission from the correct person, it would be considered copyright infringement.