Is Local Rotation Broken?

As the title says. I just can’t get local rotation to work at all not matter how many ways I approach it. Whether I’m combining rotators, using relative transforms, “AddActorLocalRotation”. None of it seems to behave as expected.

I have 3 sliders which go from -180 to +180 for each axis. And for the life of me I can not set the local rotation of the object because as soon as it has been rotated even a little. The axis are all messed up and it’s not local at all.

Please help, I’m losing my mind.

Hi DannRees,

What you are seeing is called Gimbal Lock and it’s just how the engine handles rotation. Here is some info that can help you overcome the issue and get the rotations you are looking for.

How can I avoid Gimbal Lock with Rotations?

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