Is licensing required for a 'Product Design' Simulation ? For marketing purposes?

I am planning to release a ‘Product’ that i have designed (For e.g: a study lamp) and for marketing purposes i need a ‘Simulation’ of the products functionality.
This would be a simple ‘click’ based simulation where in the the clicks fire up animations.
So it is sort of ‘user interact-able’
Would i be required to pay royalty to Epic?
And how would it work out if the project was crowdfunded ?
Are the royalties to be paid even after the production of the actual product beings ?

Thank You.

You can use UE4 to create non interactive video and images without paying a royalty. If you make money from an interactive UE4 product directly (i.e. the user gave you money and in return you gave them the UE4 product which they could not get otherwise) then you owe a 5% royalty on that value.