Is legit to use marketplace cotent for my game?

Hi guys… i have a stupid question but i want to be sure… and i want a good anwser please.
I make a game and i use almost everything content/plugins/mods/maps etc… and if i release my game with content from marketplace unrealengine …
my question is… is legit to use when the game is release and players pay for my game to play?

Yes it’s absolutely fine. :slight_smile:

PS: i mean content where i need to pay for use… exmaple: i pay for weapons 100$ and i use for my game when is release… is legit right? (i say that because are also free cotent)

Any content in the UE Marketplace can be used in a UE4 game or UE4 rendered movie. No extra permissions or royalties needed.

Most of it can actually be used in other engines as well. The most notable (only?) exception is free assets from Epic.

ok sir. ty for all info. btw any tips when i want to release the game? where to host? i read something about amazon servers.

You do not have the rights to distribute marketplace content if you are distributing files for modding, as you indicated you use.

i dont understand? i dont want to distribute nothing… i just want to use the markteplacet content for my games and i want to release my game.

I am just referring to you saying you use mods in your game. As long as you are not distributing your project files (With marketplace content), you are fine.