Is learning world machine worth it?

Hi, should I learn it? Can it create good quality textures acceptable for walking on them on free version? Will it add weith to me as a developer?

It seems to be the standard when making terrain maps. The increased resolution isn’t for regular textures though, you still create your different materials as UE4 materials that will be tiled, the advantage of paying for the $299 license is that you can have a higher detail map which may be necessary for the project you’re working on, and it allows tiled map support which means if you need something really big and want to split it up into sections you can do that.

Some people have said that WM is not worth it and it’s not as useful anymore. However, I say that those people simply don’t know how to unlock it’s true potential or haven’t taken the time to learn. WM is very powerful if you take the time to learn how to use it. If you do end up using it, I would check out the example scenes they provide, as well as tutorials that come with it. Of course, in addition to other tutorials online. However I find, that the example scenes and tutorials they provide with the installation are more comprehensive than most tutorials online. Oh, and there is also the geoglyphs plug-in. Which adds additional capabilities and a much friendlier UI.

Thanks, how does it compare to World Creator?

Full version is definitely worth learning. If your only going to use the trial then I’m not sure.