Is it worth try to compose music on Marketplace?

Hi guys, I really think about starting selling my music/sounds on Unreal Marketplace, but I really don’t know if my music will fit here, I’m creating some cinematic/ambient/action themes. Lately big channels on youtube like “Epic Music World” and “Premium Music HQ” started to promoting my music, so I think that people overall like my creations, however, I don’t know anything about gaming marketplace and I’m afraid that I will put so much effort in my tracks/sounds and noone will be interested at all. I know that I have to try to know the truth, but maybe someone have some experience with the market as a publisher and can share some knowledge. I always dream of creating music and sounds for games, so I will start doing that anyways, just wanted to know some of your opinions guys. Here are some of my tracks if you want to listen what I’m creating. Best Regards, Marcin Klosowski


All three sounded like quality class pieces, so I’d go for it in your shoes.
As to what content might be useful / suitable for games a few hints here
Pay close attention to the 2 links at the bottom aka the free competition…
Shorter pieces + Sound FX are very welcome & quite easily integrated…


Thanks for your kind words and tips I will definitely try it, I’m pretty sure that I can produce high quality shorter/looped songs and some sound effects as well, I will prepare some free stuff as well to attract more people to my works. Best regards, Marcin**

Those are some really beautiful pieces of music. Quality music like that is actually quite rare on the marketplace, though I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it were up there as I have with the others I managed to find. Loopable songs would probably be of more use to developers too as they can be utilized in environments. I hope to see products from you in the future, great work! =)

You might also want to post this in the marketplace forum for better exposure around this subject. Maybe a mod can move the thread for you.

Thanks @SE_JonF , I’m really happy that you like my works, actually I put so much effort in those tracks, I’m now preparing to hit on the marketplace, maybe someone will find me there ;). Best regards, Marcin

What ever you do: Do not go on the marketplace as a music composer. That will kill your business.
Music is something that has to be unique. A Quality does not have the same music as that random pieced together horrorgame…

You can make alot alot alot money here by doing unique music with copyright.
The market you apply to is really valuable and your services are really needed. Built up a portfolio and start freelancing. That is what you must do…

Well the music samples are very good taken at face value but as content on the “Epic’s” marketplace the only way to do it, to find out, is to do it as art content that serves a purpose is highly subjective as to be included as part of a much larger project.

Lets take the Mixamo character package for example. At face value they are very good and some even fall into the category of AAA level design but as a usable asset is not very attractive as to a game based on unique requirements as they are easily recognized as an off the shelf product.

So it’s a catch 22 situation where the popularity as a product is rather limited up to the point that it starts to get over used. “Oh Yah” by Yello worked great in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” but kind of got over saturated in other films using the same sound track at the time.

Star Wars on the other hand benefited from the works of John Williams and from his ability to produce a result unique to the movie that made Star Wars Star Wars.

The long way of saying that perhaps you samples are to good but with in a narrow scope of usability but is not reason alone as to not doing it as to the unpredictability of the fair market system :wink:

As an artist you have to get your stuff out there to just see what happens and build from there.

Well, I would always think it is worth it. The cool thing about it is that you can also use it as portfolio building like others stated before me and you can put your “brand” out there. So the more it’s getting used for projects, the more your name will be recognized and you might be able to get bigger gigs and maybe even be contracted to make paid work for big or popular game projects. Even outside of the games realm you would increase you chances of getting hired/make a business out of it. However, you will need to put in a LOT of work, regardless of your quality. So I would recommend you tackling the problems stated by my fellow unreal forumers (yes, it is now a term :smiley: ) and make yourself stand out.

For example take this approach: To cover a lot of different genres it would be a good idea to maybe edit your existing tracks and make unique, newly themed tracks out of them. You can keep your existing patterns, notes and song stucture, but add or replace your previous vsts or instruments with new ones targeting a specific genre.

For example: You have a classical track. Now someone wants a dnb track. Change the BPM, add a subbass maybe and fix the speed differences. Then add some electronic pads and reinforce it with harsher kicks and snares. The cool thing is that you don’t need to create a completely new song, but you will be able to cover more genres in less time. It will make your market bigger, still retain your uniqueness in your tracks and get more people to look at your stuff.

I hope it helps :).

Oh, another tip: Don’t undersell yourself. Naturally you can’t set the prices too high, before you get your brand recognized. But I personally wouldn’t set the prices too low, so you come across as someone, who is desperate to get any money. It generally gives the false impression to future customers :).

A good thing would be to make a poll and actually ask people, what they would pay. Then you take your own estimate at a price and calculate the average price. It should give you a sense, where to set your prices.