Is it unusual to use multiple UV channels in one material?

Hi there. I’m in the process of unwrapping and texturing one of those conductive cooktop things with an LED timer on the bottom.

It’s a fairly simple thing to do overall but I was curious on how I’d best do the LED clock. It’s emissive but I want to keep this emissive texture fairly small as it’s only a small part of the mesh. It’s actually built into the shiny surface so it has high frequency details running over it and I don’t want a seam.

I was thinking i can sort of ‘cut it out’ in maya and do a separate unwrap on the model making that clock bit huge on the UV sheet, then make use of a Texture Coordinate node in UE to switch to that new UV and use an alpha map to mask it out.

Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about? Haha, cheers.

depends on the model, but you can use up to 7 uv-channels. (each one comes with a some cost of course) but generally their impact is low (even fortnite uses all channels on some of the meshes on mobile)

So use as many as you need, and think smartly on how many you would really need :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the reply. I’ll give it a shot! I was just curious on how it affects performance but you seem to have solved that for me. Thanks again!