Is it true that PrimaryAssetLabel is broken?

I have been trying for hours now to separate my pak file into chunks on disk. I followed all available posts here and did everything I can think of. PrimaryAssetLabel simply does not work. I have to enable the experimental chunk ID feature in the editor settings and assign chunk IDs per hand to each asset, then I get separate chunks.

I would just love to hear from others. If it is broken then I don’t need to waste any more time on this. Does anybody have positive or negative experience with that BP type?

With the help of some Epic staffer I found out my mistake.
You can’t create a a BP and then select from the list of parent classes “PrimaryAssetLabel”.
Instead you have to right click, chose “miscellaneous” and then the red PrimaryAssetLabel icon.

Both methods produce the same class object apparently but the blue icon (first method) won’t work. Only the second (red icon) will work

For those who are struggling to find the link to the often quoted “Shooter Game”: It’s in the Unreal launcher. Click on the “Learning” tab and scroll down there you will find it.