Is it suitable to use quality switch in materials?

I’ve searched for a optimization videon on YouTube and came across the video where author say’s that every sequence in materials quite increase it’s size (which is affecting performance)
So is it suitable to use quality switch if I’m targeting low-med end devices like Redmi note 4x? (Currently I use 1-3 switches in almost every material)

Yes, because it only uses the instruction input from the current “quality settings” and ignores the other ones.
I personally try to keep it at one switch close to the material input, but I dont think a few more will really hurt performance.

Thank you!

Any number of quality switches won’t ever hurt performance, it’s a compile-time decision. Worst thing that could happen is that your shader compile times increase.

In runtime, each shader resulting from the material has fixed quality that only uses the instructions from that switch.

… however, your build still has all of the shaders, which may not be what is desired, as memory/storage requirements may be vastly affected by shipping a big ol’ pile of unused shaders