Is it still possible to install 4.14.3 for Mac?

I’m trying to install on a 2011 MacBookPro. So Metal isn’t supported. The last version of UE that doesn’t absolutely require Metal appears to be 4.14.3.

I clicked on “Add versions” in the Library tab of Epic Games Launcher - but it only offers me 4.16.3 (in addition to 4.17.2).

Is there any way to get 4.14.3?

i have same problem on mac book pro early 2011 plz help us

If you are in macOS 10.13.4 as I am:

  • ask a friend that have this version
    on his MBP,
  • navigate to /Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.13.
    • this is the standard installation path for UE
    • copy this folder to the same location in your HD
  • relink all references
  • Be happy!

You can use the GitHub Repository of Unreal to check out the Version you want and then compile it.
Its quite easy to create a self-compiled Editor version.