Is it safe to use the Gear VR for the architecture visualization ?


As a VR developer for architectural interiors , i have noticed that the samsung s7 with the unreal app running get heated up in few minutes which rises the question that what could happen if someone use it for more then half an hour or even more , am not talking about samsung only but any other mobile once the unreal app run the cpu and the gpu starts running up and start to get more heated , i wonder if its a dangerous tools for the purpose of using this all day long for example in a real estate company or other places that wanna show their product to the consumers through VR ?

And do we have the safty responsibility to make a decision for them to which tool they should use either cardboards or oculus or Vive ?


I highly doubt it would get hot enough to become dangerous… The cellphone would probably freeze or shutdown before anything else, no?

The main problem with Gear VR is that the phones start thermal throttling pretty quickly, and lose frame rate and thus become more like 3D slide shows than immersive VR experiences.

Our main problem is the continuity of the product with the client , if am supposed to assure my client that its safe and perfect choice for him to use mobiles interactive VR models then i will be responsible for that decision and hes choice , Vive or oculus is a good choice in terms of a setup unit in one place , but assuming the effectiveness of the VR experience to be available for everyone with the cheapest tools they buy like card board and just hook up their mobiles that is a very good option for the client ,

what do u think guys about the LG VR in terms of its a cable u connect to a mobile instead of holding it inside .

In my experience it very much depends on the software you are running.

I usually work with GearVR app with tours from 360 images and my S7 remains cool for up to 20-30min.

Just yesterday I was playing around with other software and some of them, namely InsiteVR webVR burned it up in less than 5…

So see your software, try and find something that is well optimized and there should be no problems for a short presentation. In any case - I have never experienced any issues even when it warms up, because it cuts out if it really gets too hot


Am sure for a normal 360 VR panoramic images it will be ok , but we are trying to gear up to a higher level with a more advanced interactive architectural experience and also for a cheap way by just using a cardboard with a mobile and a bluetooth controller to move inside , but with the risk of the heat problem i cannot recommend using these tools with the app am producingfrom a safty point of view , and if we consider oculus and vive as a better option they also have a strick requirements for the pc hardware to work probably and these hardware cannot exist in the current laptops specs so we can move around and show our clients what we have ,

i really dont know what to do about this problem, i cannot recommend something that i know is dangerous and get my money and run away , any ideas for another option to show the VR content with more hours as an option .

Yeah, well thats the issue with mobile VR these days - very constrained by the available hardware… Cardboard, Smartphone and Bluetooth controller for a full 3D walkthrough sounds like a very wishful attempt… I doubt it will deliver good results at this point. For a photo-realistic experience on a smartphone, nothing beats panos in my mind.

Good luck though, let me know if you figure out something cool!

Thanks man , from a quality and realistic point of view i was surprised when i tried the samsung gear with a 3d interior apartment and a bluetooth controller , the experience was amazing in terms of a the quality and the realism the unreal engine can provide , there was a drawback though related issues to this heat thing as it heat up in a few seconds once the app run ,

i went to samsung last night and ask them to give me a printed document from their side talking a full responsibility about the safety of their mobile , they told me we will get back to u after asking their technical engineers about it and then they will give me the document so i can show it to my clients ,

Ive also went to LG to test their Gear VR which had the best option for a mobile VR in terms of a cable connection instead of putting the mobile in front of ur face but a major draw back and really ****** me off that when u wear it u actually seeing the outside environment and light leaks inside in a very bad way , i was really frustrated because that VR gear was really successful in terms of the technical design but a huge failure in terms of the body design that made the light leaks in , which contradict with the main idea of the VR ,

Finally i feel that an LG cable connection VR is a very good option with the same body design as the samsung gear , and giving an option to be connected to any device , mobile or tablet .