Is it safe to delete this?

Files in below folder are taking space. Is it safe to delete them?


Hi Satheesh, that file is actually your precompiled shaders. You won’t want to delete that or you’ll have to compile them on-the-fly once you start up again which will take time and just be regenerated anyway. Curious - how big is the file so that you want to delete it?

Yesterday it was above 200MB (230 or 250 something). But today it looks like it has been automatically deleted (Now its just 51MB).

In addition to precompiled shaders it includes compressed textures, vertex and index streams for static meshes, and some precomputed physics data.

It is safe to delete at any time but as Leslie said the engine will rebuild whatever data it needs when you load an asset. I wouldn’t recommend you delete those files.

Ok then i wont touch them. :slight_smile:

@Leslie: Recently i build a level (Click Here) in Rocket and DerivedDataCache folder is taking 1.63 GB. Size increases per project i guess. I would like to request for an option to change the location for this folder somewhere in settings menu.

Another thing is, after Compiling Shaders and building lighting it takes another 1 GB in addition to the DerivedDataCache. I cant figure out where this is. Does Rocket leave any kind of temporary files anywhere deep inside C:\ that may not be needed?

Hi Satheesh. We recently became aware of some DDC problems with DX10 systems. Could you post your GPU model so we can check if you might be encountering a similar problem? Also looping in a couple other devs about the file size, seems a bit big. And as-far-as-I-know - Rocket only installs and creates files in your Program Files and Program Data directories.

As for the request to change the location of the folder - wanted to get some clarification about what you’d like as an end result so we can see about a solution. Are you looking for a more accessible directory to delete the file? To include some sort of option within the editor?

Actually 1.63 GB is on my DX11 PC (GPU is GeForce GTX 465). But since you asked, my DX10 GPU is GeForce 9600 GT. Do you want me to check the same level that took 1.63 GB with DX10 GPU?

As for the location change, i would like to have an option inside the Settings Menu. Example: When a user starts Rocket for the first time it should ask for a location to save the DDC folder (citing its importance) so the user knows what it is and can choose to save where some space is available. The problem with the current situation is if we build a somewhat good level and continue to create new projects, Rocket keeps on building these files on C:\ProgramData which eventually makes Windows to boot slower. So i am really looking forward for an option to change the location of DDC.

Also i would like to request something like “Delete Junk Files…” inside any menu that deletes files inside below folders:

\Project Folder\Saved\Autosaves

\Project Folder\Saved\Backup

\Project Folder\Saved\Logs




The SwarmCache was taking 435 MB after several light builds.