Is it really impossible to build a Datasmith project for Mac?

Hi all,

I just seemed to have hit a dead end here. So far, from what I read, it’s impossible to install Datasmith on a Mac. If I try to build the project it complains about Datasmith files missing. Pretty logic.

However, inside the editor the project runs just fine and I can properly work on it, without Datasmith. So it doesn’t, a priori, look that logic anymore.

Apparently I can’t:

  • Build a Mac version from Windows.
  • Build a Mac version from a Mac because of datasmith.
  • Collapse datasmith stuff so I convert it to some sort of project where I don’t need datasmith to build.

Isn’t really there any workaround? Is it really my only option to build and HTML5 version so I can distribute on Mac?

Thanks a lot!