Is it possible

hello, is it possible to make an mobile or pc game using only blueprints and are you aloud to sell it if you can make it??
what things you keep in mind if you making a game using blueprints? can you also use the free download content and inplant that in your game?

Thank you for your replay, for the agreement that part is hard for me because english isnt mine first lengauge and things arent written in an easy language like all agreements do haha.

Ofcorse, there only 2 deawbacks:

-Blueprints are around 10 slower so you can not do any heavy ticks, there nativisation which converts Blueprints to C++ but it’s not 100% perfect, does not work in some cases and work only on packaging

-Not everything is avable in blueprints out of the box (you can get plugins that does missing things), aspecially networking and file manipulation which is not there for potential security issues, also you can’t properly extend editor with it (that chances now with utility widgets for example). But you can absolutely make full game with blueprints if you concept don’t require some super custom solutions from what UE4 can do.

Also you can sell, it does not matter if you use use blueprint or C++, but there limitation on some other things so for that read EULA:

As for free download content you need to read proper licence of that content what you can do with it (UE4 is only tool here), you should also avoid GPL licence content is it invasive licence and EULA prohibits use of it in the engine.